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  Keep an eye out for Dr. Garcia's new farm call and truck traveling companion, Australian Cattle Dog, "Jackaroo!"  This little sidekick was born in September of 2018 and will be coming to your farm once he has matured a bit more.  Dr. G. describes him as "a vicarious little stinker and is smart as a whip!"  He is looking forward to many years of faithful companionship from this precious pup.  We guarantee that you are going to love him, too!


                                      Monthly "Horse Bits:"

*How do you know when the temperature is cold enough to place a blanket on your horse? Generally speaking, horses are "energy expending neutral" between 25 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, horses evolved from northern climates so they do have a built-in adaptation to cold weather. Dr. Garcia recommends a light sheet between 30 and 40 degrees and a light blanket below 30 degrees. Be mindful that a horse in a weakened state such as disease, advanced age, etc. may require more stringent guidelines. Other factors such as moisture on skin, coat condition (e.g. clipped), body type and body score (lean/overweight) need to also be considered. During cold, windy periods, a "windbreak" is mandatory for your equine. For further details, go to for an informative article describing how horses keep warm.

*Ensure that your horse is drinking water on a regular basis.  This does not always occur especially during our colder months. In order to prevent colic, choking and numerous other gastrointestinal issues, we strongly encourage a protocol of balanced electrolytes in your horse's feed on a daily basis - as little as 1/2 to 1 ounce is effective.

*Ask Dr. Garcia to check your horse's teeth for wear at least once every year (during your spring 6-month vaccination appointment is an opportune time).  If your equine is due for this imperative procedure based upon examination, Dr. G. will schedule an appointment to "float" your horse's teeth while the weather is a bit cooler.  There is no charge for the initial examination and he can show you how to improve your horse's nutritional intake as well as his performance.

*Equine summer sores are prevalent (more common during the hotter months but even when our weather is cool), especially in the S. Pinellas County portion of our state, according to Dr. Garcia's observations.  He says to be extremely vigilant with fly control and if a sore does develop on your horse, call him as soon as possible so that aggressive treatment may be administered.  If these unsightly wounds are left untreated or not treated diligently and quickly, they can cause permanent damage and the possibility of extensive surgery.

*Does your horse seem to be itching uncontrollably?  Is your horse suffering from tail-rubbing, neck-rubbing or an unsightly skin disease?  Ask us about a RAST (radioallergosorbent) test which measures specific allergic antibodies in your horse's blood.  We can determine whether (s)he is allergic to certain feeds, plants, insects and/or pollens.  We suggest this test if conventional skin therapy has not solved your problem.

*Ensure that your horse is eating  high-quality hay/pasture on a daily basis in an amount equal to approximately 2% of their body weight.


News Release!!!

KEA's 5th Annual Equine Health Seminar Entitled "Vaccinations: What Are They Good For?" Was Well-Attended and Appreciated By Equestrians!

Thursday evening, November 8, 2012

Once again, Dr. Gary A. Garcia is pleased to announce that horse enthusiasts from as far away as Pinellas Park, FL attended his free, fall health seminar held at the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in New Port Richey. The symposium highlighted the important and sometimes confusing subject of equine vaccinations. Our special guest speaker, Dr. Nathan Voris, Area Veterinarian, Equine Technical Services with Pfizer Animal Health did a superior job disseminating information pertaining to vaccine research, myths and why these inoculations are so important to our local horse population. As always, attendees gnoshed on heavy hors d'oeuvres and almost everyone enjoyed a free door prize!

Thank you again, Dee Scott and Dr. Voris with Pfizer Animal Health for making our annual equine seminar eve
n possible!!


Local Equine Practice's 4th Annual Free Fall Horse Health Seminar Was Enjoyed and Well-Attended As In Years Past!

November 10, 2011 - New Port Richey, FL

Dr. Gary A. Garcia, President/Owner of Keystone Equine Associates, PA is thrilled to announce that their 4th annual and popular equine seminar held in The Palm Room of the centrally-located Seven Springs Golf and Country Club was once again almost filled to capacity and was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.  This year's event was entitled, "The Unique Care and Nutrition of the Mature/Geriatric Equine."  Dr. Garcia chose the ever-changing topic of the mature horse because due to advanced veterinary medicine and better equine nutrition, even the backyard horse is living longer than ever.  Special guest speaker, David Pugh, DVM, Dipl. ACT, ACVN, who owns Southern Traxx Veterinary Services located near Auburn, AL thoroughly entertained and informed the audience of equine enthusiasts.  Dr. Garcia was enthralled to be able to offer his attendees such a dynamic, knowledgeable, witty and popular educator as Dr. Pugh.  "Dr. Pugh brings a practical, unpretentious and comedic flare to the common issues of all who own a horse.  He identifies well with horse owners.  He has been a friend and mentor for over 20 years.  We look forward to having him come and educate us again in the future," Dr. Garcia commented.  

Thank you once again to Pfizer Animal Health for making this successful evening possible!




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