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Our services include:                                                  Dr. Garcia floating teeth

Field Surgery (e.g. surgical castration)
Preventative Medicine (e.g. vaccinations, deworming)
Reproduction (emphasis)
Lameness Diagnosis
Dealing with behavioral issues                             
Pre-purchase Examinations

Our practice is equipped with:

Radiography (digital) 
Horsepower Dental Equipment

Dr. Gary A. Garcia has been serving equestrians inDr. Gary A. Garcia and Roxanne the Greater Tampa Bay Area since 1991.  He is a 1989 graduate of Ross University and completed a preceptorship at Oklahoma State University and the Ontario Veterinary College in Canada.  Dr. Garcia attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison while pursuing a master's degree in Dairy Science when he was accepted into veterinary school at Ross.  Prior to vet school, he worked for the United States Department of Agriculture and tirelessly devoted his time and talents to a busy, Wisconsin equine/cattle practice as a hands-on assistant to the staff veterinarians.  Dr. Garcia especially enjoys the one-on-one time he spends while educating his clients on basic horse husbandry and the equine reproductive challenges that face his clients who are attempting to breed their mares.  

Dr. Garcia is originally from Massachusetts and currently lives with his wife, young son and menagerie of pets in northwest Hillsborough County.  He enjoys aviation and almost any athletic activity that involves our beautiful Florida waters.

"Roxanne" Garcia

Born: February 26, 1996

We gave you back on Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rest in peace, our beloved Australian Cattle Dog...

You will be greatly missed and was adored by all who knew you!!

Tampa Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit
This is what our clients are saying about Dr. Garcia:

"I have worked with Dr. Garcia for the past 14 years.  He has provided us with excellent customer service and unsurpassed, personalized, customer educational support." - Cpl. Morrow with the Tampa Police Dept. Mounted Patrol

Our sincerest congratulations is extended to Corporal Michael Morrow (pictured 4th from left in the adjacent photo) who retired from the Tampa Police Department after 30 1/2 years of dedicated service!  Thank you, Mike, for your unwavering commitment, incredible horsemanship and tireless devotion to your community.  It was an honor to have worked with you for the past 13 years!

"Dr. Garcia has been our vet for 15 years.  When a vet can diagnose a horse over the phone by hearing its clinical signs,... you know (you have) a good vet.  Dr. Garcia has diagnosed (issues) over the telephone several times for (us) and has been right every time.  He is a compassionate vet (who) really cares for his clients and their "people."  He is one of the few vets that became a vet for the right reasons and it shows through in his work!  You can see the care and commitment Dr. Garcia has for his clients.  He is, in (our) opinion, one of the best vets in Florida.  We are privileged to have him in our area." - Johnny and Heather McKeehan, Spotted Haven Walking Horse Farm, Hudson

"Dr. Garcia is not only a very knowledgeable and professional veterinarian, (but also) he is personable and he cares.  His manner with my horse and especially my stubborn donkey is impeccable, and his willingness to take the time to educate his clients is priceless.  I am very appreciative of how he takes the time, especially (while) handling my donkey, "Toby."  Dr. Garcia is the only male he actually listens and responds to, so I know it must be his "Dr. Doolittle" personality.  Thanks for all you do." - Cheryl, Odessa

"...I realized that as a new horse owner I had hit "pay dirt" upon meeting Dr. Gary Garcia.  His level of compassion and concern combined with the time he put forth on education made my daughter and my family feel more confident about caring for our new horse.  ...All aspects of routine care and treatment... were gone over thoroughly...;  he paused long enough to reassure me and counsel me on our course of care and action.  He took time to get to know us and especially "Windi," our beloved horse, which struck me as extraordinary.  He listened patiently and corrected me when necessary, with a graciousness that lacked condescension and showed his obvious love and concern for all horses.  ...He is indeed our St. Francis and for that I am eternally grateful." - E. Kirkland, St. Petersburg

"Dr. Garcia has been my personal vet for 17 years.  He has been my boarding barn vet for over 12 years.  As a critical care nurse with 30+ years of experience, I love the time Dr. Garcia takes to explain exactly what the issues are and the various options available.  When I am dealing with a sick horse, there is no better site than Dr. Garcia's truck at the gate.  I breathe a sigh of relief and feel the confidence that we will have the best possible outcome.  No matter what, I know "Dr. G." will be there to support us with his diagnostic skill, knowledge, experience and kind, compassionate care." - Donna, Owner/Operator, Fox Run Stable, Odessa      

Please keep in mind that in many instances, we can match (or beat!) equine catalog pricing on numerous equine products.  In most cases, that means no shipping fees, no sales tax and free delivery to your door!!


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